KoinPro: a trading platform of the future

Spreading of cryptocurrencies can be seen in absolutely different fields in the modern world. The growing of the list of possibilities to use cryptocurrency can be watched, too. Today people can buy different products and pay for some services, using this kind of money.

Students can use cryptocurrency for the payments in some educational institutions. And this kind of money can be also used in order to pay taxes, freelancers’ labor, finance startups, buy some accessories in online games, and so on. And more and more restaurants, shops, agencies, services begin to use cryptocurrencies as an instrument for payments.

This popularity is one of the reasons why crypto trading platforms become more significant. They represent online platforms where people can exchange one kind of digital asset for another digital assets or fiat currencies. This platform is based on the market value of the given assets.

At the moment, there are different crypto trading platforms. And people, who want to use such instruments, have to encounter a difficult choice. Today I’d like to tell about one new trading platform — KoinPro. Let’s consider it in a more detailed way.

KoinPro: general information

KoinPro represents a trading platform that will be useful and comfortable for both beginners and experienced people in the field of crypto assets. This platform offers exclusive double-up contract for newcomers. Here are some important advantages of KoinPro:

  • Sign-up bonus (you don’t have to deposit)
  • No KYC
  • 50% cashback on trading fees
  • 100x leverage available
  • 42% commission (from multi-tiered referral program)
  • Fast speed of operations (more than 10,000 TPS)

A new approach to crypto trading platforms

Thanks to smart aggregation system, prices are averaged from multiple platforms. Fraudulent market activity is absolutely eliminated. Trading process becomes safer thanks to advanced order matching algorithm. And commissions are minimal.

Custom contracts of KoinPro have unique features and benefits. Thanks to such feature, traders will be aware of potential fees and difficulty rating of each contract.

If you take the first steps in trading, you can make use of test platform when you don’t take risks. Here you won’t lose your money. And if you want to earn more, you can join Affiliate Program. This 3-tier referral program can help you to maximize your income by sharing up to 41.7% of platform trading fees.

KOI: a token with unique advantages

KOI represents a utility token which is created to reward community for spreading the information about platform and unlock additional functionality on the platform for holders. This functionality means access to exclusive materials, special offers and perks.

Tokens can be locked or unlocked. Locked tokens can be applied for utility purposes and can be pledged for sale during repurchase periods. And unlocked tokens entitle the holder to its utility benefits, and can also be pledged for sale. If you have locked KOI, you will have an opportunity to unlock it and get more tokens performing bounty tasks or participating in affiliate program.

KoinPro will use 30% of the revenue generated from trading fees to purchase tokens from users at or above the market rate. Unlocked tokens will have first priority during repurchase periods. Remaining funds will be applied to purchase locked tokens.

Total supply of KOI is 600 million tokens. Here you can see the allocation of tokens:

You can get to know more about the project here:

Website: https://www.koinpro.com/

Onepager: https://www.koinpro.com/static/img/KOI.pdf

Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5234105.0

Telegram: https://t.me/koinpro

Twitter: https://twitter.com/koinprocom

Medium: https://medium.com/koinprocom

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChRTKyCpuFs9FaBQGlGVoig

The article was written and published by Arcadio707 (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2426003)

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KoinPro email address: alekseykhvatov@yandex.ru

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