Blockchain actuality in a modern society. Relictum Pro: blockchain 5.0

Blockchain becomes more and more demanded technology in a modern world, and a few people haven’t heard of it. But not many people understand the essence of this technology and possibilities for its application clearly. Let’s consider such problems and new products in this field on the example of the latest generation of this technology: blockchain 5.0.

The essence of blockchain and its advantages in comparison with other technologies

Blockchain, as we can see from its determination, represents the chain of blocks. This chain includes records regarding all the transactions within system. In comparison with usual databases, these records can’t be edited or deleted. New information is added to new records.

Blockchain represents the kind of a distributed registry. The essence of this technology is in the fact that the data regarding the whole chain of blocks and actual list of owners are saved on the devices of different independent users. That’s why these data won’t be lost in case of one or several computer glitches. Data will be saved on the other devices.

An important blockchain advantage is its independence from intermediaries. It makes this technology specific in comparison with traditional systems with financial transactions.

In traditional systems, operations regarding money, documents and different assets depend on intermediaries and regulators. And proof of transaction is performed thanks to banks and other financial organizations. Decentralization and blockchain independence allow system participants to verify transactions by themselves. It makes processes easier and let not use intermediaries.

The accessibility of a distributed registry doesn’t mean disclosure of personal data. Blockchain helps to be anonymous, and personal information can be received only if you have a private key that gives an access to a personal account.

The advantages of blockchain are useful in absolutely different fields. As a result, this technology is used in logistics, social networks, videogames, electronic voting, copyright protection, etc. Blockchain development process consists of several important stages. Nowadays we can get acquainted with blockchain 5.0 that is able to become breakthrough in this field. Let’s consider its specific features.

Relictum Pro Blockchain: general information

Relictum Pro is a blockchain platform that creates needful conditions for the work of blockchain 4.0, but it has some innovations. Relictum Pro Blockchain is able to function in both private and public access. This platform can be applied by government agencies, commercial and private organizations.

IT, business and legal experts work in the project team. Here are the leaders of the project:

Key advantages of the project

Relictum Pro has the following specific features:

Newest block architecture. Here we can see new organization of chains and blocks, containing hash in MasterChain and synchronization and sharing of data thanks to the parallel chains n-dimensional smart-contracts.

Own communication technology. There are virtual communication channels (HyperNet) and OSI transport layer which function thanks to TCP/IP protocol over the Internet.

PoT own consensus. New consensus algorithm PoT (Proof of Tsar) is characterized by the defence from hash collisions and 51% attack, resistance to the quantum computer creation, nodes typing and their conditions.

Relictum Pro products

Distributed storage. It gives an opportunity to store digitized documents, data set and files of any volume in the system. Copyright with the recognition of intelligent digitized work and a pirated copy is organized automatically. Reward to an author for the application of content is also paid automatically.

Decentralized exchange. It is a trustworthy platform that lets trade more than 500 currency pairs. Quick Share Feature that makes trading easier. Own Token Sale platform.

Secure chat. Private chat provided by personal encryption of each conversation. The possibility for transferring different kinds of assets.

An economic aspect of Relictum Pro

Transactions within blockchain 5.0 are free. People can use this platform for operations with electronic or digital currency, cryptocurrencies, fiat money. There are 3 kinds of cryptocurrency in Relictum Pro: genesis tokens (GTN), stable-tokens and Relict coins (RLC).

Genesis tokens express the intellectual property (IP) rights of the Relictum Pro software code. Stable tokens are digital assets, and their emission depends on assets received on Relictum Pro wallets.

RLC is the main coin of the platform. The emission of Relict coins depends on the forging of cryptocurrency. Thanks to the complex mathematical algorithm in the base of this coin, RLC isn’t predisposed to coin inflation.

Variety of blockchain 5.0 application opportunities

Blockchain 5.0 can be used in different fields. The advantages of this technology will be especially useful in such directions as finances, medicine, logistics, insurance, hydrocarbons, law, ticket market.

Project leaders plan to develop smart contracts for Insurance, Logistics, Casino and Medicine in Q3, 2020. And it is planned to create smart contracts for different fields of government action in 2021.

At the moment, people still have an opportunity to buy GTN on favorable terms during token sale. This procedure will be finished on the 31st of May. In order to acquire GTN, you need to register on the project website. Here are the links connected with Relictum Pro Blockchain:





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