Aureus Nummus. Stablecoins which are backed by gold

Many people consider cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument with extremely instable exchange rate. It is a true point of view if we consider the majority of crypto assets. Their cost is so unpredictable that it can rise or fall sharply within a short period of time. As a result, investments in such assets can deceive expectations. Such market fluctuations are often connected with crisis periods.

Crisis periods are such times when the actuality of stablecoins rises. Stablecoins are such cryptocurrencies that have a fixed price. Such assets are linked to fiat money or physical goods. So, they can be connected with the rate of precious metals. An important advantage of stablecoins is the fact that their exchange rates depend on market fluctuations rather less than traditional cryptocurrencies. So, what else makes stablecoins specific among other digital assets?

Specific features of stablecoins

One of the main reasons of stablecoins creation is a possibility to use such assets as an instrument for routine payments. Traditional crypto assets are not so suitable for performing such tasks because of their volatility and unpredictability. In the opinion of its creators, an ideal stablecoin should be suitable for performing the following functions:

Stablecoins became popular after the creation of Tether (USDT). This cryptocurrency is linked to US dollar.

Over the last years, stablecoins linked to the gold became demanded. It can be described by different reasons. If we’ll try to consider the history of human perception of gold, we’ll see that it has been perceived since ancient times as a precious metal with not only financial value, but also with a cultural importance.

The restricted gold offer on our planet results in a gradual rise of cost of this precious metal. We can see proofs during the crises of last decades. The cost of gold rises when traditional world fiat currencies depreciate.

Aureus Nummus is one of the projects that offer cryptocurrency backed by physical gold. What makes this cryptocurrency special? Let’s try to answer this question.

The specifics of stablecoins by Aureus Nummus

Aureus Nummus is a project that created cryptocurrency ANG. This crypto asset represents a global payment and savings instrument which is backed by real gold or gold equivalent. These assets are held in reserve in a trust account. It provides backing the value of ANG.

This coin is alternative to traditional fiat currencies and banking services. Thanks to the blockchain, this instrument has ability to track and to directly assign value to gold. And Aureus Nummus can be used also for serving the unbanked population. Such people are provided with the access to payment and saving solution.

Aureus Nummus crypto solution

The holders of these coins can convert them back into gold or gold equivalent at any moment. The conversion rate stays constant and doesn’t depend on market price fluctuations: 100,000 ANG are equal to 1 ounce of gold bullion.

1 ounce of gold bullion costs approximately 1,550 U.S. Dollars. In according with this cost, 1 ANG coin is equal to approximately 0.0155 U.S. Dollars.

Aureus Nummus coin is not mineable. The supply of ANG is fixed and limited. And the transactions connected with sending and receiving ANG are instant and anonymous.

At the moment, people can earn some ANG just performing simple tasks in airdrop and bounty program:



Also, everyone can buy Aureus Nummus coins on the project website. There is an actual offer: the buyers of a minimum of 5,000 ANG tokens get 100% bonus.

You can get more information about the project here:



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